Understanding the 5 Weight Loss Zones:

We understand that the reasons for being overweight are complicated. The great news is that the solution doesn’t have to be.

If you join us on the Momenta Programme you will learn that the science behind successful weight loss can be distilled into five core weight loss zones:

  • Getting the Balance Right
  • The Fullness Factor
  • Retraining Appetite
  • Getting Active
  • Skills for Weight Management

If you have ever tried to lose weight before you might recognise some of these zones. You have probably put one or two into action. The difference with Momenta is that it focuses on a combination of all 5 zones because years of research have shown that focusing on all 5 zones will give you the best possible chance of losing weight and keeping it off for life. Here’s a brief summary of the zones:

Getting the Balance Right

Your weight is a balance between the energy (calories) you take in when you eat and the energy you burn off through daily activities.To lose weight you need to regularly eat fewer calories than you use up. But simply eating less is not necessarily fun or sustainable, so on the Momenta Programme we will give you the knowledge you need to eat well too, including:

  • Practical portion control
  • Meal and snack choices that fuel your body
  • Identifying the little extras that sabotage your weight loss

The Fullness Factor

On the Momenta Programme we dispel the myths about restrictive fad diets and the need to count calories. Instead we will help you to choose foods that keep you full so you can avoid hunger pangs while you’re losing weight. These will include:

  • How wholegrains help
  • Filling up on fruit and veg
  • The power of protein

Retraining Appetite

If you join us on the Momenta Programme we’ll show you how to regulate your own appetite and that how you eat is as important as what you eat, including:

  • The benefits of breakfast
  • Why regular meals are important
  • Handling hunger cravings

Getting Active

Both cardiovascular exercise and strength based activities can support you to lose weight effectively. On the Momenta Programme you’ll understand why it matters and find practical ways to fit them into your lifestyle, including:

  • Being active every day
  • Making exercise effective
  • Health and happiness benefits

Skills for Weight Management

This zone helps you put the other four zones into practice by giving you he skills you need to make changes and keep them up in the long term, including:

  • Learning how to set realistic goals
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Monitoring and rewarding progress

All of the zones are surrounded by a circle of support – something that is key to making successful changes. we’ll show you how to make the most of support from the Momenta Programme, as well as friends and family.


The Momenta Weight Loss Programme with Helena Shirley and Helen Krag runs for 12 weeks from 13 January 2021. 

This is one of a series of articles on the psychology of weight loss, nutrition and exercise. Check out our blog for more.